4G LTE RTK Bridge®-X – Trade-In Program

Trade In Your Old Modem Today For Up To $500 Off The 4G LTE Intuicom RTK Bridge®-X

Verizon is shutting down their 2G/3G network at the end of this year with other major carriers to follow. This means that modems that you have relied on for years for your RTK corrections will no longer connect to the network. To make the transition easy, Intuicom is offering up to $500 trade-in credit to move to the 4G LTE-capable RTK Bridge-X (Intuicom’s best-in-class RTK solution).

rtk bridge for agriculture

For more than a decade, Intuicom’s RTK Bridge products have provided the most universal, versatile, and reliable solution for precision RTK correction delivery for all makes, models, and manufacturers of precision agriculture GNSS receivers. The RTK Bridge-X can be used with all RTK networks, including state DOT, CORS networks, and private networks (Trimble VRS, Leica SmartNet, Topcon TopNet, DigiFarm, etc.).

Key Features:

  • Best-in-class cellular connectivity
  • Easy set-up and configuration over Wi-Fi
  • Save time troubleshooting! Intuicom Remote Support provides support and access to your equipment in the field
  • Live phone support available 8-5, Mon-Fri
  • Complete kits available for all equipment manufacturers
  • Receive up to $500 trade-in credit and one year free Intuicom Remote Support for trading in your old modem

Kits Available For Manufacturers Including:

TrimbleCase IH
Ag LeaderTopcon
John DeereRaven
And More!

Up To $500 Trade-In Credit For Modems Including:

Raven SlingshotDigiFarm Gateway
Sierra WirelessAM53
Ag 3000Intuicom 3G RTK Bridge-X, M, or C
And More!

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