Automation – SCADA

For more than 2 decades, Intuicom has been providing communication solutions delivering the data necessary to monitor, manage, and maintain local and remote operations

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Traffic & Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS)

Whether is is Serial or Ethernet communications, broadband for video, or contact closure, Intuicom has the wireless solution and expertise to me the demands of your transportation application.


From RTK corrections for precision guidance to managing water distribution and analytics, Intuicom is providing a full range of communication solutions to solve today’s agricultural challenges.

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construction and survey monitoring intuicom

Construction & Survey

For more than 2 decades, Intuicom has been putting communication equipment on construction job sites-connecting GPS, TPS, BIMs, heavy equipment, video and more.


Harness the power of your data. Monitor and control your operations and gain insights and improve your operational efficiencies.

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Environmental & Structural Monitoring

Information is critical to making decisions but not always easy to get. Whether you are working to provide warning systems for Volcanoes or Earthquakes, or monitoring Bridges, Dams or other structures, Intuicom has delivered for projects around the globe to provide mission-critical communication and data delivery.

Water & Wastewater

Our most precious resource is more challenged than ever. Intuicom’s solutions provide the information needed to optimize remote and local operations and gain efficiencies- improving overall performance.

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Schools & Municipalities

For almost 2 decades, Intuicom has been providing communication solutions for educational institutions, municipalities and states, delivering the connectivity to meet objectives and provide critical communications.

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Broadband For Tribal Communities

Intuicom is working with our partner Tarana to delivery Broadband connectivity across tribal lands. We are bringing together 2+ decades of wireless solutions integration and experience with the next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) technology of Tarana to deliver broadband connectivity beyond fiber and a level of service they can depend on.