RTK Bridge® Solutions

When you depend on RTK – Depend on the Intuicom RTK Bridge

The Intuicom RTK Bridge products provide the most universal, versatile and reliable solution for precision RTK correction delivery. For more than a decade, Intuicom’s RTK Bridge products have been delivering RTK solutions for Precision Agriculture, Machine Control, Vehicle Automation, Construction, Surveyors and anyone who requires consistent, accurate RTK. In addition, the RTK Bridge has evolved into a Communication Hub- connecting the field with the Office, the Internet, and other equipment.

Key Features:

  • Best in Class cellular connectivity
  • Proven with almost all major manufacturers of Survey, Machine Control and Agricultural GNSS equipment
  • Robust Wi-Fi hotspot capability can provide for 20+ connections
  • Embedded and external radio and GPS options
  • Intuicom Remote Support provides support and access to your equipment in the field.

No matter what your needs, our full line of RTK Bridge products has something to meet your requirements.

RTK Bridge for Agriculture

The Intuicom RTK Bridge®-X delivers RTK corrections, Files, Prescriptions, and Internet access in more places.

construction and survey monitoring intuicom

RTK Bridge for Construction

Enhanced machine control and grading solutions, as well as survey professionals. No one works with more equipment and manufacturers – period.

RTK Bridge for Survey

The RTK Bridge – The ultimate communication tool for the Surveyor in the field

rtk bridge for survey
intuicom remote support

Intuicom Remote Support

Because you have better things to do than stay on the phone with Tech Support