RTK Bridge® for Construction

rtk bridge for construction

The Intuicom RTK Bridge-X delivers on the Construction Site

Intuicom greatly improves the efficiency and profitability on the Construction Site with the unbeaten reliability of our RTK Bridge® family of products. Designed to survive the most challenging working environments, each RTK Bridge provides a rock-solid connection to ensure consistent RTK Connectivity, File Transfer, and Internet connectivity.

Key Features:

  • Best in Class cellular connectivity
  • Works across all manufacturers to support your mixed fleet of equipment and guidance systems
  • Proven with John Deere®, Leica Geosystems, Trimble®, Topcon®, Case IH, AgLeader®, and all major manufacturers
  • Supporting Mixed Fleets, with UHF, 900MHz and a variety of radio solutions.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mean more connectivity options for your equipment
  • Industry leading support- We are committed to your success

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