CommPro™ Software

commpro software intuicom

Intuicom’s Software Tools Simplify Design, Installation and System Management

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy setup of Intuicom FHSS wireless products
  • Pre-built drivers and templates provides for simple configuration of standard applications
  • Stores configuration files in user-friendly PDF format
  • Network-wide diagnostics provides real-time performance and analysis of critical operational parameters
  • Spectrum Analyzer allows for real-time visibility into RF environment

CommPro software provides a single application that brings together a complete toolset to assist in designing, configuring, monitoring, and optimizing your Intuicom Frequency Hopping Spread Sprectrum (FHSS) wireless network. Designed to simplify the work and reduce effort involved in all aspects of implementing your wireless applications. Going from the box to the field has never been easier.

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