VUE Series

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VUE Series Industrial Radios

VHF, UHF Industrial radios with Ethernet, serial, and I/O interfaces plus much more

Intuicom announces our VUE Series radios: VHF, UHF with Ethernet.

Long-Range, Scalable, High Speed, Industrial Wireless Communications for Secure Connectivity

Intuicom’s VUE Series extends communications to equipment, sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. The VUE Series is available in a broad range of UHF/VHF frequencies with standard interfaces that include Ethernet, Serial and I/O. With industry leading security and a MQTT Sparkplug Gateway, Intuicom’s VUE Series enables your devices to access the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), delivering a secure, fast, reliable, and simple way to ‘IoT enable’ devices for remote monitor/control.

Key Features:

  • RF Power ranges from 10 mW up to 10 W
  • Frequency Range: 148–174 MHz, 340–400 MHz, 400–480 MHz, 894–960 MHz
  • Complete line of I/O models
  • +140 kbps data throughput
  • Secure data protection with WPA and AES-256 encryption
  • End-Point, Repeater and Gateway functionality
  • On-Board Performance supports Modbus TCP & RTU, MQTT Gateway and more
  • Hazardous Area Rating of Class 1, Division 2

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