IBMS: Intuicom Broadband Management Software

intuicom broadband management software ibms

Securing and Managing your Intuicom Wireless Network Just Got Easier

Wireless Networks should be secure, simple to configure, deploy and manage. For this reason, Intuicom has created IMBS- our network Management platform to make end-to-end network management just that: Secure, Simple and Manageable.

Intuicom Broadband Management Software (IBMS) gives you the tools for simplicity in all aspects of your wireless operations.

  • Drag & Drop configuration
  • Dedicated Dashboards provide intuitive and consistent approach
  • Visualization Tools and Map views provide you the preferred perspective to monitor your network performance
  • Wireless data statistics and real-time monitoring provide you the details on your network performance
  • Alarm Center and Event Logging provide you all the details needed to address issues and concerns
  • Advance Reports provide both tabular and graphic presentations to manage and review your operations

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