Schools & Municipalities

For almost 2 decades, Intuicom has been providing communication solutions for educational institutions, municipalities and states, delivering the connectivity to meet objectives and provide critical communications.

Schools and Municipalities are being asked to deliver broadband connectivity to their communities and students to leverage educational, safety and security demands. Crossing this digital divide is now possible and we are here to help.

Working with our partner Tarana, we are now positioned to deliver the highest level of wireless broadband connectivity to schools and municipalities. Tarana’s next-generation fixed wireless technology provides an alternative to fiber with some distinct advantages.

  • Fiber-class speeds: 100-800 Mbps Download speeds/+100Mbps Uploads
  • Unprecedented NLoS/nLoS capabilities
  • True interference cancellation
  • CBRS and Unlicensed Band options

This performance is readily available today. Intuicom and our partners can design and deploy these solutions in a matter of weeks not months or years.

Contact us today to learn how Intuicom can assist with all aspects of your project. From grant evaluation and engineering through deployment.

Don’t be delayed waiting on fiber- Cross the Digital Divide today!

White Paper

Building Better Communities with Next-Generation Fixed Wireless Access

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