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Multifunctional Contact Closure Wireless Data Tranceiver

The Intuicom DIO is a high-performance wireless contact closure radio for ON-OFF and Detection applications. Designed for short and long-range error free communications, the DIO delivers a complete bi-directional wireless I/O capability for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint applications, proving an alternative to hardwire, fiber and other RF solutions.

Ease Of Use

Designed with a simple and easy setup, the DIO is an excellent plug-and-play type device for rapid integration. Intuicom’s CommPro™ software, provides a complete toolset to assist in designing, configuring, monitoring and optimizing your wireless solutions. Going from the box to the field has never been easier.

Key Features:

  • Eight (8) inputs and eight (8) outputs provides a virtually limitless number of I/O routing possibilities
  • “Best-in-Class” RF performance
  • Long range operation (up to 60 miles line of sight)
  • Intuicom’s Single Unit Operation™ – any one unit may serve as Master, Remote or Remote/Repeater
  • Robust on-off control and monitoring of multiple events
  • Bi-directional communication allows for easy confirmation

Functional and Flexbility

The Intuicom DIO provides bi-directional communication with 16 individual channels, eight (8) input and eight (8) output, for a virtually limitless number of I/O routing possibilities including positive confirmation of command execution.

The robust and highly reliable data transfer of the DIO is achieved through superior low signal performance. Low power consumption and user definable operating parameters provide optimal operation for a wide variety of applications.

Complete Communication System

A complete communication system lives Inside every Intuicom Wireless solution.

  • Network Software Management
  • Service and Support
  • Exclusive Product and Software features
  • Field proven reliability

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