A driving force in the Traffic and Transportation market

As an early pioneer and continuous innovator in the Traffic Industry, Intuicom provides communication, monitoring and control solutions with “Best in Class” performance and unequaled commitment to superior customer service.

For over two decades, Intuicom has developed state-of the-art solutions that seamlessly integrate with traffic control devices, whether they are based on NEMA or Caltrans standards.

With solutions deployed on every continent and on every region in North America, Intuicom products deliver ruggedized wireless solutions for real-life applications.

Learn about the new standard-setting Intuicom Axiom™ high throughput broadband wireless radio with several industry firsts. Ideal for locations that demand a great amount of data broadcasted to a central location.

Check out the all-new EB-X™ solution, ideal for legacy installations that need to seamlessly migrate from serial to ethernet connectivity or for long range applications in challenging environmental conditions. This solution is ideal for transmitting Performance Metrics (SPMs) or upload and download information from any traffic controller.

Intuicom’s IBMS software designed to make your work faster and easier, with features you won’t find anywhere else. To download a free version of this award-winning software, please click here.


Fastest, easiest wireless broadband with unequaled performance

axiom product family intuicom
eb-x intuicom


Long Range Wireless Ethernet Transceiver


Affordable, secure broadband connectivity with flexible configuration

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communicator II intuicom

Communicator II

The Intuicom Communicator II™ is a RS232 wireless data transceiver built for reliable, long-range operation.

VUE Series I/O

Intuicom’s VUE Series I/O product line provides a combined I/O, IIoT gateway and modem platform that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations.

vue product intuicom
intuicom vue-9-IO series


Intuicom’s VUE-9-IO Wireless I/O and Gateway is a long-range, license-free wireless I/O device that extends communications to equipment, sensors and actuators.


Intuicom’s VUE-24-IO Wireless I/O and Gateway is a 2.4 GHz, license-free wireless I/O device that extends communications to equipment, sensors and actuators.

intuicom vue-9-IO series
vue series industrial radios intuicom

VUE Series Industrial Radios

VHF, UHF Industrial radios with Ethernet & serial interfaces and much more