Intuicom + Tarana

Broadband Reinvented

Intuicom and Tarana are bringing together more than 2 decades of municipal and industrial applications & wireless deployments with today’s next generation in wireless broadband. This partnership is delivering real-world +Gb speeds to the Industrial market.

Tarana Next Generation G1 technology delivers:

  • A new wireless architecture designed from the ground up
  • Unmatched immunity to interference and obstructions
  • Reliable, mass-scale, fiber-class performance in unlicensed spectrum

What customers are saying about Tarana’s G1:

“G1 smoked everything else we’ve tried. Impressive feats — 300 Mbps plus through trees and 1 Gbps in near line of sight at 5 miles — unbelievable.”

– Tyson Curtis, CEO Resound Networks

“It blows my mind to see what this product can do. It’s insane. We’re not going to stop for anything.”

– Adrian Ellis, Manager of Core Network and Operations at MTN/Supersonic

“This technology is a true game changer in the world of fixed wireless.”

– Don Workman, COO at Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc.

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