Intuicom Announces New Partnership with Paradigm Traffic Systems

Intuicom Announces New Partnership with Paradigm Traffic Systems

Boulder, CO – August 20, 2019 – Intuicom®, Incorporated, a premier supplier of wireless communication solutions, announced today a new partnership with Paradigm Traffic Systems, a distribution leader for Traffic and ITS products in Texas.

“Intuicom delivers first-class wireless solutions, comprehensive support for the design, planning, and implementation of reliable and powerful communication networks” said Ryan Zenzen, Vice-president of Sales for Paradigm “Intuicom’s long history of proven reliability, professional services, and comprehensive training programs offering perfectly aligns with our philosophy of bringing the best possible alternative for Texas agencies”

With this partnership, Paradigm adds to its portfolio wireless solutions that deliver error-free communication under high levels of interference, in extreme temperatures and over long distances. For two decades, Intuicom has developed state-of the-art solutions that seamlessly integrate with traffic control devices, providing the easiest way to integrate devices to ATMS locations.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Tom Foley, CEO and President of Intuicom. “Paradigm’s incredible breadth of knowledge and unparalleled customer support are the perfect conduit to present cities, agencies and municipalities with the latest wireless technology to meet their ever-growing data needs.” Foley added, “Paradigm is the best suited partner to help us communicate our solutions and benefits throughout the great State of Texas.”

About Paradigm Traffic

For 25 years, Paradigm have specialized in converting your ITS, intersection, or freeway management concerns into solutions. We carry a full line of intelligent transportation system products and parts and have the customer service, technicians, and field support to bring your project from concept to completion.

About Intuicom, Inc.

Since 1999, Intuicom is dedicated to creating innovative wireless solutions that provide users instant, networked access to remote/mobile devices, information and location. We are committed to providing world class products and support to assure that our customers’ needs are fully satisfied. Operating on all seven continents and in every possible climate, Intuicom solutions can satisfy the most demanding requirements.