Intuicom Announces Its Newest Network Management Software: IBMS 6

intuicom broadband management software ibms

Intuicom Announces Its Newest Network Management Software: IBMS 6

Intuicom Broadband Management Software (IBMS) focuses on enhanced security while providing the tools to visualize, configure, and manage your wireless network

Boulder, Co – June 8, 2023Intuicom®, Incorporated, a leading developer of wireless solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest network management software, IBMS. This new software reinforces Intuicom’s commitment to providing user-friendly solutions for setting up and managing wireless networks, with a strong emphasis on enhanced security features and support.

Drawing on a decade of experience with the successful BroadbandPro network management software, IBMS expands on its predecessor by introducing new visualization tools. These tools empower network managers to effectively deploy, monitor, and manage the performance and operation of Intuicom wireless networks.

IBMS features a completely redesigned backend while retaining a familiar interface. By building upon the strengths and key features of earlier products, IBMS delivers a host of security enhancements that align with the current demands of the marketplace, ensuring both security and simplicity.

Key features of IBMS include:

  • Real-time Map display: Provides a comprehensive snapshot of the entire network, offering real-time performance insights across various user-defined parameters.
  • Wireless Network Topology view: Offers a visualization tool to analyze the fundamental architecture of your network.
  • Simplified Configuration from BroadBandPro 5: Intuicom’s intuitive ‘Drag & Drop’ tools and tabular display options streamline the configuration process for new nodes.
  • Alarm Center: Enables operators to establish metrics and stay up to date with real-time performance and operations.

Joaquin Segl, of Intuicom’s ITS team states “We are getting great feedback about IBMS and its benefits for DOTs, municipalities, and enterprises.  The software truly empowers network administrators by providing valuable information for assessing and optimizing network performance. The initial response to IBMS has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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