Intuicom® Announces Their Newest Long-Range 900 MHz Radio with the 200-PEU

200-peu intuicom

Intuicom® Announces Their Newest Long-Range 900 MHz Radio with the 200-PEU

UL Marked C1 D2 Radio to Support the IoT, Automation, Remote Monitoring, and Oil & Gas Markets

Boulder, CO – September 18, 2020 – Intuicom, Incorporated, a premier developer of wireless solutions, has announced the release of the 200-PEU, an industrial grade radio that delivers critical wireless data communications in difficult RF environments and over long distances. It combines both dual Ethernet and Serial interfaces to bridge legacy equipment into the networked world of today.

In addition to outstanding Environmental and RF performance, the 200-PEU offers backwards compatibility to the Intuicom EB-3 Plus product line as well as FreeWave Technologies FGR2-PE product family. Support for these product offerings allows existing users to expand on the thousands of radio installations deployed around the world.

Key Features of the 200-PEU:

  • Secure: FHSS, 128-bit AES and 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Long Range: Proven networks with 60+ mile links
  • UL Listed: Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, & D
  • Fully Compatible with: FreeWave’s FGR2-PE family of radios
  • Industrial Hardened: Operating Temperature -40oC to +70oC

Tom Foley, CEO for Intuicom states “We are very excited to roll out the 200-PEU and meet the demands of some of the most challenging applications. Beyond the many automation and remote monitoring demands for this product, the C1D2 UL Marking meets the expectations across the energy exploration and production environments.”

About Intuicom, Inc.

Intuicom provides wireless data solutions designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements for long-range remote or mobile device networking. Intuicom provides unsurpassed performance and flexibility. Founded in 1999, with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Intuicom Wireless Solutions enhance applications including precision GPS, intelligent transportation systems, and automation. You can learn more about Intuicom at