Intuicom Expands Broadband Line with the Addition of the Tarana’s Next Generation Fixed Wireless Access Products

Intuicom Expands Broadband Line with the Addition of the Tarana’s Next Generation Fixed Wireless Access Products

Boulder, Co – December 7, 2022 – Today, Intuicom, Inc, a recognized leader in wireless solutions provider since 1999 has announced the partnership with Tarana to bring their next-generation of fixed wireless access (ngFWA) products and platform to their Traffic and Industrial customers.

Intuicom, Inc. is the first Industrial-focused wireless solution providers to introduce the Tarana platform into the traffic and industrial space. Tarana, a fast-growing private company transforming the market with a new, innovative approach to rapid broadband deployment offers Intuicom’s customer base reliable, high-speed Broadband connectivity across a broad array of Industrial applications with remarkably low costs and short installation times.

Tarana’s recent product announcement reported on the company’s plans to release 6 GHz G1 radio models that support 160 MHz channels, and a software upgrade to currently-shipping 5 GHz G1 radios that enables the same. Doubling the channel bandwidth of G1 allows it to deliver up to 1.6 Gbps of aggregate capacity per link. When released mid next year, this 2x upgrade to G1’s link speeds, combined with its signature resilience in the face of obstructions and interference, will enable ISPs to deploy wireless networks with unprecedented competitiveness and staying power.

Intuicom has decades of experience in Industrial wireless applications into Traffic and Transportation, Construction, Agriculture and Automation. Tom Foley, Intuicom’s CEO noted, “We are very enthusiastic about introducing Tarana’s next generation products and performance into the Industrial markets. Tarana’s G1 platform offers difficult to reach locations and congested environments reliable, high-speed connectivity that outperforms traditional fixed wireless or LTE solutions. It is a natural leap forward for our customers and markets who are demanding fiber-class speeds with lower capital expenditures and faster deployments.”

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